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The Exit Internationalist

Exit Member Benefits


Workshops are Exit’s flagship program & provide a regular opportunity to hear from Dr Philip Nitschke on issues as diverse as assisted suicide history & the law, followed by an interactive session featuring the practical aspects of end of life choices; including drugs, gases & more.


Exit forums provide a safe & secure online space to ask questions & receive answers relating to information featured in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. You’ll need to be over 50, of sound mind or seriously ill to qualify.

Local Meetings

Local Exit chapter meetings are held all about the place and include even smaller coffee & chat groups if you want to meet folk of like mind & feel amongst friends.

Drug Testing R&D

Exit’s drug testing program has delivered a range of use at home kits for members to test their drugs, providing peace of mind in the context of harm reduction.

Research & Development

Exit provides members with cutting-edge knowledge about the latest end of life issues as they relate to technology.


Exit Members can receive email and print copies of Exit’s Deliverance Newsletter, up to six times a year. If you are online you will have ongoing access to eDeliverance in your email box. Join the mail list today at the Exit homepage.

Exit Conferences

Exit Members receive member discounts to attend Exit Conferences.

Exit Membership Pack

You’ll receive a user-pack which includes a badge, membership card and everything you need to know to feel assured of your end of life choices.