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The Exit Internationalist


In 2020 in response to COVID-19, Exit is taking our flagship workshops online across various time zones.

Participants are able to log in and watch from home, as well as ask questions in real time Q&A.

Livestream Workshops 2020


Saturday 15 August @ 13.00 (London time)

Australia/ NZ

Wednesday 14 October @ 11am (ADST east coast)

The duration of the livestream workshops is ~3 hours.

Registrations open

Workshop livestream

Exit Workshop topics are based upon The Peaceful Pill eHandbook & include:

  • Suicide, assisted suicide, rational suicide, voluntary assisted dying (VAD), MAID & the law
  • Do you need a doctor? (Answer no. You just need the best information)
  • Exit’s Reliability – Peacefulness Test – how to critically analyze different options
  • Lethal Salts – Aussie pig poison & the Dutch experiment
  • Hypoxic death & Nitrogen, ratings & legal issues
  • COVID-19 – what sort of death to expect & other dilemmas
  • All about Prescription Drugs: myths, overdoses, prescription drugs, pain drugs
  • The Barbiturates: sources, scams, testing, storage, legals & recent capital punishment controversies
  • US Lethal Mixtures Protocol (DDMP/ DDMA)
  • Poisons: carbon monoxide, cyanide, chloroquine, detergents – risks, safety & legal issues
  • Swiss Service – Pegasos
  • Recent Developments: Sarco euthanasia machine
  • Living wills, death certificates, autopsies, wills & testamentary capacity, family counseling …

Attendance at Exit Workshops (as livestreams) is reserved for those over 50 years & people who are seriously ill, or by special agreement. Workshops are free for Exit Members. PPeH subscribers attend with discount.

Registrations open