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The Exit Internationalist

Coming in 2021

Exit Snippets

Commencing in January 2021, Exit International will be conducting monthly Exit Snippets (mini, online workshops).

However, should the Pfizer (or other) COVID-19 vaccine become available and travel restrictions lifted in early 2021, Dr Philip Nitschke will again hold face-2-face workshops around the world.

What is an Exit Snippet?

  • Mini, online workshop of up to 70 minutes duration including participant Q&A
  • Focused each month on a different topic based on the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook
  • Topics will be announced each month to enable the Snippets to be up-to-date and responsive to current, changing circumstances
  • Free for Exit members
  • PPeH Subscribers will be able to attend at a discounted rate
  • Held monthly across different world time zones
  • Recorded in real time for later viewing

Registrations will open soon.

Face-2-face Exit Workshops will return post COVID-19.

Online Exit Workshops may also be scheduled for 2021.

Watch this space for updates.

What is an Exit face-2-face Workshop?

  • Exit workshops are face-to-face events of up to 300 people
  • Exit workshops are held regularly in countries around the world
  • Exit workshops are based on the Peaceful Pill eHandbook
  • Exit workshops generally last 3.30 hours inc 30 minute afternoon/ morning tea break
  • Free for Exit members
  • PPeH Subscribers attend at a discounted rate

Workshop Topics are based upon The Peaceful Pill eHandbook

  • Suicide, assisted suicide, rational suicide, voluntary assisted dying (VAD), MAID & the law
  • Do you need a doctor? (Answer no. You just need the best information)
  • Exit’s Reliability – Peacefulness Test – how to critically analyze different options
  • Physiology of a Peaceful Death Explained
  • Lethal Salts – Aussie pig poison & the Dutch experiment
  • Hypoxic death & Nitrogen, ratings & legal issues
  • COVID-19 – what sort of death to expect & other dilemmas
  • All about Prescription Drugs: myths, overdoses, prescription drugs, pain drugs
  • The Barbiturates: sources, scams, testing, storage, legals & recent capital punishment controversies
  • New US Lethal Mixtures Protocol (eg. D-DMA)
  • Poisons: carbon monoxide, cyanide, chloroquine, detergents – risks, safety & legal issues
  • Swiss Service – Pegasos Swiss Association
  • Recent Developments: Sarco euthanasia machine
  • Living wills, death certificates, autopsies, wills & testamentary capacity, family counseling …

Attendance at Exit Workshops & Snippets is reserved for those over 50 years & people who are seriously ill, or by special agreement. Workshops/ Snippets are free for Exit Members. PPeH subscribers attend with discount.