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The Exit Internationalist

People from all walks of life have been Exit Members.  Many have used their experiences to speak out for voluntary euthanasia/ assisted suicide law reform.

These are their stories

Martin Burgess

Martin died 23 October 2014

Former VEP Candidate for the NT, Martin Burgess, was a gentle, giving man who was ever-ready with a ‘darling girl’ or ‘mate’ greeting

Martin Burgess Read

Max Bromson

Max died 27 July 2014

Former Voluntary Euthanasia Candidate for Sth Australia, Max Bromson, finally lost his battle with carcenoid cancer drinking Nembutal he obtained overseas

Max Bromson Read

Marie Fleming

Marie died 20 December 2013

In December 2012 Ms Fleming brought her fight to challenge the ban on assisted suicide to the High Court. She had wanted her partner Tom Curran to be able to assist her death without fear of prosecution.

Marie Fleming Read

Christian Rossiter

Christian died September 2009

Chris’ story made news around the world when his nursing home in Perth sought declaratory relief in the Supreme Court resulting in the right for Chris to stop food and fluids, should he so desire.


Angelique Flowers

Angelique died August 2008

Angelique was diagnosed with the debilitating Crohn’s disease at 15, and one week before her 31st birthday was told she had colon cancer. She was given only months to live.

Angelique Flowers Read

Caren Jenning

Caren died September 2008

Caren was 74 when she was convicted of manslaughter of her friend, former Qantas pilot Graeme Wylie. Seriously ill with breast cancer herself Caren drank a bottle of Nembutal she had smuggled into Australia.


Angy Belecciu and Don & Iris Flounders

Angy died 2009. Don & Iris died 2011.

Don, diagnosed with mesothelioma, wanted to obtain Nembutal overseas. Don had little money but Angy, terminally ill with breast cancer and unable to travel, offered to help.


Dr John Elliot

John died 2007

On 25 January 2007, a month short of his 80th birthday, Sydney doctor John Elliott became the fifth Australian to travel to the Dignitas service in Switzerland.


Steve Guest

Steve died July 2005

Suffering from oesophageal cancer Steve came to public attention when he made a phone call to 774 ABC radio Melbourne pleading to be allowed a magic bullet so that he could end his suffering.


Lisette Nigot

Lisette died 2002

Lisette made contact with Exit at a workshop. She talked to Philip and said that she planned to end her life before she turned 80. She explained that she was not sick and that illness played no part in her decision.


Sandy Williamson

Sandy died 2002

Sandy Williamson was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) on 11 September 2001. Nine months later, Sandy took her own life with an overdose of the barbiturate, Amytal.


Nancy Crick

Nancy died 2004

Nancy Crick died surrounded by twenty-one family and friends. In the last years of her life, Nancy suffered from bowel cancer and had undergone three operations in which most of her bowel had been removed.


Norma Hall

Norma died 2001

Norma Hall was had bone, lung and liver cancer. Philip Nitschke nursed her during a time where she decided to end her life by refusing food and drink. This was covered by Kerry O’Brien on the 7.30 Report.


Esther Wild

Esther died 1997

Esther narrowly missed the opportunity to use the Northern Territory’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act to die. The Kevin Andrews Bill overturned the law and prevented her the right to die with dignity.


Shirley Nolan

Shirley died July 2002

Shirley Nolan was one of Australia’s most high profile sufferers from Parkinson’s Disease. Shirley took her own life at her home in Adelaide in July 2002.


Janet Mills

Janet died 1996

Janet had suffered for 10 years from a rare disease known as Mycosis Fungoides. This is the same disease that the well known British actor, Paul Eddington from the series Yes Minister died from in 1995.


Bob Dent

Bob died 1996

Bob Dent was the first person to use the VE legislation of the Northern Territory and became the first person in the world to die from a legal, voluntary lethal injection.


Max Bell

Max died April 1996

Max Bell drove his taxi to Darwin in 1996 to use the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act to die. Sixty-seven years old and suffering from stomach cancer, Max’s surgery had left him with constant nausea and vomiting.