Livestream from Venice Design

Saturday 5 October, Palazzo Michiel

Final Reminder ...

On Saturday 5 October, you are invited to join Exit as the two creators of Sarco - Dr Philip Nitschke & Mr Alex Bannink - in conversation, live from the Palazzo Michiel on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

You will be able to listen in as the designers discuss the concept of Sarco, its practical aims, design objectives, and learn about the plans for use of the second Sarco (known as Sarco 2.0) which is currently being 3D-printed in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Sarco 2.0 is expected to be used in Switzerland in early 2020 to provide a elective, peaceful and dignified de-medicalised death.

Sarco 1.0, as it is on display in Venice, will appear in a new installation at a prominent design museum in the Netherlands in early 2020 (details to follow).

Registration & Details

When: 14.00 - 16.00 (CET), Saturday 5 October 2019

Where: Venice Design, Palazzo Michiel, Grand Canal, Venice Italy

The Livestream can be viewed on the final page of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook by current subscribers. No registration required.

Exit Members can view the Livestream at a dedicated link but do need to register ahead of time.

Exit Members Registration

In person attendance may be possible on request.

Email: contact@exitinternational.net
Website: Sarco.design

Brexit workshop

London BREXIT Workshop

Sunday 27 October 2019

Exit and Dr Philip Nitschke will hold the final workshop for 2019 in London on Sunday 27 October.

Topics of the Public Meeting (first 30 minutes) & Workshop (2 hours) includes:
  • News of the Lethal Salts, inc testing & potentiating
  • New Swiss VAD Service
  • Dementia & Euthanasia in the Netherlands - what's possible, what's not?

Details & Registration

Venue: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, WC2B 5LT (Holborn)
Time: 2 - 5pm, Sunday 27 October 2019

The first 30 minutes of the meeting is a free, open Public Meeting.

After the tea break, the Exit workshop will be held.

Workshops are free to Exit Members, 50% discount to existing Peaceful Pill eHandbook subscribers. Members of the public may join on day and, if approved, may attend the workshop.

Attendance is reserved for people 50 years & over, of sound mind. Photo ID may be requested.

Register Online

Email: register@exitinternational.net
Website: https://exitinternational.net/meetings/workshops/
Inquiries: 07883 509 765
salts_update_promo 2

September Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The September 2019 PPeH update is a re-write of the Lethal Inorganic Salts chapter with an additional six pages that focus on the new information about the testing and potentiating of the Lethal Salts.

* Translations of all language editions now available!
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