Venice Design 2019 Press Release

The world’s first 3D-printed euthanasia pod ‘The Sarco’ has arrived in Venice ahead of its global unveil at Venice Design on 9+10 May 2019.

With tagline of ‘Where Art Meets its End’, after Venice Design, Sarco will be headed to Switzerland where it is expected to be used for the first time in an assisted suicide later in 2019.

The first person to use Sarco is expected to be 40-year old MS sufferer, Maia Calloway, from New Mexico in the USA.

Before its ‘real life’ use in Switzerland, Sarco will be on display at the Palazzo Michiel (Canale Grande).

The machine is the creation of Amsterdam-based Euthanasia activist, Dr Philip Nitschke and Dutch industrial designer, Alexander Bannink.

The aim of Sarco is to allow a rational adult the option of a peaceful, elective and lawful death in an elegant and stylish environment.

The Sarco uses liquid nitrogen to rapidly lower the oxygen level within the capsule (like the depressurization of a plane).

The Sarco capsule is detachable and can be used as a coffin for burial or cremation. The mechanism within the base is infinitely reusable.

‘The invitation to exhibit in Venice came quite unexpectedly’ said Dr Nitschke today.  ‘It takes a courageous curator to be prepared to exhibit an object which has such a serious real life use’.

Watch home movie of Sarco’s arrival at the port of Venice

‘When a wooden mock-up of Sarco was displayed at the Amsterdam Funeral Fair in March 2018, the elders of Amsterdam’s famous Westerkerk convened an emergency board meeting. It was touch and go about whether the wooden Sarco would even be allowed in the church doors.

‘Now we have Sarco in the country that is home to the Pope. Given it is the church that is the main obstacle to assisted dying for the elderly and seriously ill becoming uniform throughout the world, this is no mean feat. I am extremely pleased that Sarco is here in Venice’.

‘This year’s Bienanale’s tagline of “May you live in interesting times” could not be more perfect’ he said.

Philip may you live in interesting times sign
Philip may you live in interesting times sign

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