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August 2012 PPeH Now Available

·         Chinese Nembutal

      The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


Exit has received new information on the importation of powdered sodium pentobarbital from China. We can classify suppliers (~20) into several useful categories

  • Tested Suppliers - Reliable positive results
  • Untested Suppliers - Reliability yet to be established
  • Uncertain Suppliers - Some problems reported
  • Non-responders - No longer responding to email enquiries



Flat-Pack Nembutal from a 'Tested Supplier'


·         The Role of Insulin for a Peaceful Death

A much-overdue update has led to a re-writing of  Chapter 12 "Other Drugs & Common Myths". Exit has received increasing requests for this information, perhaps reflecting the rapidly growing group of elderly people with access to this drug. The news is not all good though ...


1000U of fast-acting Insulin in 10ml, with 0.5ml syringe.

·         A Nembutal Death: What Happens?

This update addresses the issue of exactly why the death from an overdose of this drug is so peaceful & includes answers to common questions of 'Will I be asleep?' or 'Will I wet myself as I die?'


Other News

Max Dog Brewing: Nitrogen - Now Shipping

Nitrogen is the best end of life gas for a peaceful & totally undetectable death. Max Dog Brewing Nitrogen is now shipping in Australia, with other countries expected to follow. Enquiries:


Max Dog Nitrogen cylinders ready for shipping


Mobile Drug Testing Lab & VE Clinic

The Exit mobile testing laboratory & demonstration van is currently being fitted out & will be on the road in coming months. The Van will allow 'Testing Workshops'  where members can professionally test their products.

Details will be provided the Exit Forums & Exit Email Newslist


Exit International Mobile Laboratory & Euthanasia Clinic


Detergent Death  

 What is it,  does it work? and when (if ever) should it be used?

See: Chapter 8 of the eHandbook



**US Financial giant PayPal block Exit access   

Access to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook  was blocked by PayPal in May 2012, with them citing a breach of their "community standards". This is despite their involvement with Exit for six years, and the sale of thousands of eHandbooks via their site. PayPal also acted to freeze $1000s of Exit International funds.

Clearly the religious lobbyists, who have been waging an increasingly bitter campaign against Exit International, have had a win - and this in the very home of "free speech".

But, every cloud, as they say.... Exit has now set up its own ExitUS store that accepts Visa & Mastercard. This allows us to keep the eHandbook available and interestingly has led to an increase in booksales. As for PayPal, well they can get on with peddling only the material the moral guardians sanction!

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