> July 2018 eDeliverance Newsletter

    >> Internet Scams: How the Elderly get Conned

     >>David Goodall: The Back Story

     >>Couple's Suicide Pact in Lima, Peru

     >>NuTech Cape Town Conference, Sept 2018

     >>August 2018 PPeH Update: on Vomiting

     >>Workshop 2018 Dates in Sth Africa, NL, Oz, NZ

     >>Poem by Joe Dolce 'Old Person's Friend'

Deliverance Newsletter

• July 2018 eDeliverance •

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• Nembutal Scams: How the Elderly get Conned

• David Goodall, the Back Story

• Exitorial

• Couple's Suicide Pact in Peru

•  NuTech Cape Town Conference: Sept 2018

• PPeH Update: All about 'vomiting'

• Exit Workshops 2018: Sth Africa, NL, Oz, NZ

• Suzy Austen Sentencing

• Poem by Joe Dolce: ‘Old Person’s Friend’

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Peaceful Pill Website Scam page


Nembutal Scams: How the Elderly get Conned

Trying to buy Nembutal online? Beware, Scammers are alive and well. This month's cover story sees Exit publish a new open-source Scammers List on the Peaceful Pill website.

See: https://www.peacefulpillhandbook.com/nembutal-scams/

The online Peaceful Pill eHandbook & the Peaceful Pill Forums both are regularly updated to include the most up-to-date information known about Nembutal Scams and how to avoid them.

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July Deliverance

• David Goodall Dies in Switzerland •

Exit's Back Story

On 10 May, Exit's oldest member, 104 year old esteemed Australian ecologist, Professor David Goodall died at the Life Circle service in Basel, Switzerland.

Exit was pleased to be able to fast-track David to Switzerland to help him get the dignified death he wanted.

Read the back story in this month's Deliverance.

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• Couple's Suicide Pact in Peru •

Story of Bev & Athol Whiston

In June 2017, Australian couple Bev (79 years) and Athol (80 years) died in Lima, Peru. They were found together in their hotel room after having drunk Nembutal they had purchased in Cuzco.

In this brilliant long-read published in the Dutch newspaper NRC, Bev & Athol tell their story.

How they wanted to make their own end of life choices. How they wanted to go together. And how Peru was one of the few countries in the world where this would be possible, thanks to being able to purchase Nembutal over-the-counter.

The NRC journalism behind this story is exceptional; both the short documentary and the newspaper long-read that followed. Highly recommended by Exit.

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Exit Workshops

• Exit 2018 Workshops •

Sth Africa, Netherlands, Australia, NZ

Dr Philip Nitschke will shortly embark on a multi-continent series of Exit Workshops in Sth Africa, the Netherlands, Australia & New Zealand.

New Confirmed Dates

Cape Town Sth Africa
10am-1pm, Monday 10 September - Venue TBC
Amersfoort NL
2-5pm, Saturday 29 September
Regardz Meeting Rooms, Barchman Wuytierslaan 2

Adelaide SA
2-5pm, Monday 29 October, Fullarton Community Centre

Perth WA*
12.30pm, Friday 2 November, Stirling Leisure Centre

Canberra ACT*
11am, Monday 5 November, Eastlakes Footy Club

Wellington NZ
11am, Thursday 8 November, St Andrews on the Terrace

Nelson NZ
2-5pm, Saturday 10 November, Fairfield House

Auckland NZ
1-4pm, Tuesday 13 November, Ferndale House

Registrations Now Open

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Email Rachel at register@exitinternational.net


• Australia: 1300 10 3948

• Nederland: 06 23 82 95 82

• New Zealand: 09 889 0964

• Sth Africa: 21 825 9987

Further information at: http://www.exitinternational.net/meetings/workshops

Workshops are free for Exit members, reduced rate for PPeH subscribers & open to the over 50s of sound mind. Anyone with a serious illness is welcome to apply to attend. Afternoon tea will be served at all meetings.

* Meetings as indicated have no determined end time. At these workshops Exit is trialing the new long-format meeting (of up to 5 hours).

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• Peaceful Pill eHandbook •

August 2018 Update on 'Vomiting'

Vomiting is one of the most asked-about topics in the Peaceful Pill forums & on Exit email. For this reason, the August 2018 update to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook will neatly summarise all the issues that concern us most. Inc causes, different drugs, drug interactions, and how to minimise the risks.

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