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Sarco X Arrives

In this week's Podcast, the Dox - Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart - discuss the recent successful test results of the Sarco X euthanasia capsule.

The Podcast discusses the history of Sarco and asks 'where to' now that the working model is complete. When and where will Sarco be first used? Who can print one? How much will it cost? What are the legal issues (if any)?

Listen for free to our new Doxit Podcast at the Peaceful Pill website, Anchor, Spotify or wherever you get your Podcasts.

Read Exit's New Blog on Sarco

More on Sarco is at Sarco.Design
The 2020 NuTech Conference will be held on Saturday 26 September.

The theme of this year's NuTech is 'The Dementia Dilemma'.


  • Marije de Haas - Euthanasia Futurist (NL)
  • Bert Keizer - Euthansia & Dementia Commentator (NL)
  • Michael Laufer - Biohacker/ Three Thieves Vinegar Collective (USA)
  • Robert Wood, Lonny Shavelson & Carol Parrot - DDMP/A Physicians (USA)
  • Kinga Jelinska - Feminist DIY Abortion Activist (PL/ NL)
  • Neal Nicol - Lab Colleague of Jack Kevorkian/ Researcher (USA)
  • Boudewijn Chabot - Psychiatrist/ Researcher (NL)
  • Hugh Wynne - Former President Right to Die Europe (UK)
  • Guillaume Coudray - Author/ Researcher on Sodium Nitrite (FR)
  • Ted Ballou - Final Exit Network (USA)
  • Philip Nitschke - Exit International (AU/ NL)
  • John Todd - Inventor/ Researcher (AU)
  • Richard Avocet - Inventor/ Entrepreneur R2D DeBreather (USA)
More Info: NuTech2020 Website
Tickets: Register Now
Inquiries: nutech@protonmail.com
Attendance: Free to Members of Exit International, Final Exit Network, CLW & Ultime Liberté

Coming in August PPeH Update

Multi-Drug Protocols

The August 2020 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update will feature a thorough exploration of the multi-drug protocol DDMP1&2 / DDMA as used under Assisted Dying laws in the USA.

Exit will also publish the latest on the Salts - specifically difficulty with old sources & the ease of new online sources.
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Sean Davison

Sean Davison Struck Off as Medical Scientist

In a move that can only be described as vindictive and calculated to cause maximum professional humiliation and emotional and financial personal suffering, the New Zealand Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal this week struck Euthanasia advocate, Sean Davison, off a register of medical professionals in New Zealand.

A Kiwi by birth, Sean has lived in Cape Town in South Africa since 1991.

Professor Davison had been registered with the Medical Sciences Council as a medical laboratory scientist because he said he wanted to return to NZ once he completes the three years of home detention that he is currently serving in South Africa.

In June 2019, Sean took a plea deal, and pleaded guilty to assisting three seriously ill and suffering South Africans to die. For his compassion, he found himself convicted on three counts of murder and only narrowly avoided a long prison term.

This decision by the NZHPDT effectively makes Sean unemployable in New Zealand.

Sean will join Fiona Stewart in conversation in next week's Doxit Podcast.

More about Sean's deregistration can be read at:
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