Donald Trump Chloroquine

Peaceful Pill eHandbook June 2020 Update

Part I - Now Available

This month's Peaceful Pill eHandbook update features a new Chapter on Chloroquine, the alleged COVID-19 'game changer'.

New Topics include:
  • The Difference between Chloroquine Phosphate & Hydroxychloroquine
  • Preparation & Administration
  • Potentiating & Supplementary Drugs
  • Donald Trump's Dose Instructions
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Other language editions updates will be forthcoming.

The Rise & Fall of Chloroquine

This week's Doxit Podcast focuses on the Rise and Fall of Chloroquine in the public imagination.

More specifically, Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart discuss the pros and cons of Chloroquine as an end of life drug: noting that its availability (or lack thereof), has led to a drastic re-rating of Chloroquine in the Exit 'Reliability - Peacefulness - Availability' (RPA) Test in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The Podcasts are available free on the PeacefulPill.com website or wherever you get your podcasts: Spotify, Anchor etc.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook June 2020 Update

Parts II, III & IV - Now Available

Also covered in this month's Peaceful Pill eHandbook are important changes to the following Chapters:
  • Inorganic Lethal Salts
  • Availability of Nembutal
  • R2D DeBreather
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Other language editions updates will be forthcoming.

Now Open

In this era of shelter-in-place and home confinement (especially if you are elderly or seriously ill), the Peaceful Pill Forums provide a safe, friendly online space to meet up with other Exit Members / PPeH Subscribers for a coffee & chat or to discuss more specific information (relating to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook).
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Livestream Australian Workshop

Saturday 20 June 2020

Exit will be holding our first Livestream Workshops with real-time Participant Q&A in Australia at @ 15.00 AET (13.00 in the West).
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  • Online Workshops are FREE for Exit members.
  • Discounts apply to current PPeH Subscribers
  • The duration is 3 hours with several tea/ coffee breaks midway.
  • Attendance: over 50 years & of sound mind. ID may be required.
Guylene's Atelier

Exit Masks for the Good of All!

During the French 'confinement' Exit's French translator, Guylene Surrel, has been busy making masks in her home 'atelier' for her community in the Loire Valley. A woman of many talents and not just English to French translations.
Nice work Guylene!
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