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New Doxit Podcast

Why certain drugs & methods work better?

A peaceful, reliable death is a matter of physiology and science, not good luck.
Therefore, it is incumbent on us all to have some background in order to understand how things work & to avoid foolish mistakes?

In this week's Doxit Podcast we discuss how each approach in the PPeH can be categorised on the basis of the type of Hypoxia it provides. And the significance of these categorisations in deciding what works for you in terms of peacefulness and reliability - where does the happy hypoxia lie & how to get it?

This 'Physiology of a Good Death' Podcast follows from the recent update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook of the same name.

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The Truth About Dying in Switzerland

During COVID-19

The so-called News Story of the Week concerned an anonymous 45-year old British woman with breast cancer who went public on her plans to go to Dignitas for a VAD (Voluntary Assisted Death).

Media reports claimed 3 things:

1. she had to go early to avoid lockdown
2. she had to go alone (because of COVID) &
3. she needed a 'personal exemption' from the Swiss Government

While Point 1 has since been clarified, Points 2 & 3 are 'fake news' in that they are misleading and even harmful to others planning on similar travel.

COVID-19 has NOT stopped people traveling to Switzerland to die.
COVID-19 has NOT stopped family and loved ones from accompanying them.

Visit our BLOG to learn the true situation regarding VADs in Switzerland during COVID-19.

Coming in December 2020

Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The December 2020 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook will focus on the issue of potentiation (making one’s drugs more effective), as it applies to all drug methods discussed in the book. This will be the final update for 2020.

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