'Dirty Tricks' (Cover Story)

The Backstory from West Australia

As the lobbying intensifies over West Australia’s possible new Euthanasia law, it is only to be expected that those opposing a ‘yes’ vote will get down in the mud and dirty. This is life and death politics after all.

One man throwing a lot of dirt in the debate is the Catholic psychiatrist, Professor David Kissane but Judy Dent is fighting back ...

Read more in the October 2019 Deliverance newsletter ...

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Poison Waterhole

October 2019 Exit Deliverance Newsletter


  • Dirty Tricks in West Australia
  • 2019 Australian Tour Report
  • The Story of Keith Hassall
  • Venice Livestream
  • Workshop Dates for 2020
  • Exitorial (Poison Waterholes & Black Fear)
  • Police Nembutal Raids: Australia & France
  • Pegasos Swiss Association
  • Chapter News
  • Peaceful Pill eHandbook Updates
Read more in the October Deliverance newsletter ...

or at the Exit Website
Take back control

London 'Take Back Control' Workshop

Final Reminder

WHERE: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, London WC2B 5LT (Holborn)
WHEN: Tomorrow - Sunday 27 October
TIME: 2 - 5pm (don't forget daylight savings change)

Topics of the Public Meeting (first 30 minutes) & Workshop (2 hours) includes:
  • News of the Lethal Salts, inc testing & potentiating
  • New Pegasos Swiss VAD Service
  • French Police Nembutal Raids
  • Future of Nitrogen
  • Data collection from an elective death

Need to Know

The first 30 minutes of the meeting is a free, open Public Meeting.
Workshops are free to Exit Members, 50% discount to existing Peaceful Pill eHandbook subscribers (£31.50).
Members of the public may, on approval, join on day (£63).

Attendance is reserved for people 50 years & over, of sound mind. Photo ID may be requested. Afternoon tea will be served.

Email: register@exitinternational.net
Website: https://exitinternational.net/meetings/workshops/
Inquiries: 07883 509 765
Online scammers

October Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The October 2019 PPeH update presents:
  • News on Nitrogen in Australia
  • Important Scammer Update
  • French Police Raids
  • New Swiss VAD service Pegasos Swiss Association
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