Doxit Podcast No 1 - Now Available

The Doxit Podcasts is a news & discussion series with the authors of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Each week, Drs Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart discuss the new monthly update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook, along with the main Assisted Suicide/ Voluntary Euthanasia/ MAID/ VAD etc news and views of the week.

Doxit Podcast No 1 (26 April 2020) examines the implications of Covid-19 for a good death, including issues such as: Covid pneuomonia, active & passive ventilation, the 'game-changer' of chloroquine and the perils of dying alone.

The Podcasts are available for free listening on the Peaceful Pill website.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook April 2020 Update

April's Peaceful Pill eHandbook update features a new 16-page, COVID 19 Chapter, along with other new sections including: Dying & the Law & Swiss Options.

New Topics include:
  • Why a COVID death is not the 'old person's friend'?
  • They say with COVID you die alone, in isolation?
  • If I get COVID, what are my end of life options?
  • Are there any drugs that speed the progress of COVID should I decline medical treatment?
  • Does my advance directive cover COVID?
  • What is informed assent vs consent & does it matter?
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Dutch, German & Italian language editions updates are now live. French & Spanish coming soon.
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