Livestream Workshops Dates

Exit will be holding the following Livestream Workshops with real-time Participant Q&A:
  • Australia/ NZ
    Saturday 20 June @ 15.00 AET (13.00 in the West)
  • Nth America
    Saturday 18 July @ 11.00 CDT (12 noon Eastern, 9.00 Pacific)
  • Europe
    Saturday 15 August @ 14.00 DST (13.00 in London)
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  • Online Workshops are FREE for Exit members.
  • Discounts apply to current PPeH Subscribers.
  • All Workshops are conducted in English.
  • The duration is 3 hours with several tea/ coffee breaks midway.
  • The usual Provisos apply: over 50 years & of sound mind & ID may be required.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook April 2020 Update

Now Available

This month's Peaceful Pill eHandbook update features a new 16-page, COVID 19 Chapter, along with other new sections including: Dying & the Law & Swiss Options.

New Topics include:
  • Why a COVID death is not the 'old person's friend'?
  • They say with COVID you die alone, in isolation?
  • If I get COVID, what are my end of life options?
  • What is it like to be put on a ventilator?
  • Are there any drugs that speed the progress of COVID should I decline medical treatment?
  • Does my advance directive cover COVID?
  • What is informed assent vs consent & does it matter?
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Other language editions updates are forthcoming.

New Weekly 'Doxit Podcast'

Commencing Sunday 26 April, Exit International will host a new public Podcast series with the authors of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Drs Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart will discuss the main AS/ VE news of the week. One episode each month will be devoted to the latest update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The Doxit Podcasts begin with a Q&A discussion of Covid-19 in the context of end of life choices.

The Podcasts will be available free from the PeacefulPill.com website
The Peaceful Pill Forums are the safe online conversation space for members of Exit International and subscribers to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Topics covered this week:
  • Covid, Covid & more Covid ...
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Philip in garden

A personal message from Philip Nitschke

There is no denying, the Corona Virus/ COVID is personal.
Not just because it has disrupted the 'business' of Exit with our workshops and chapter meetings cancelled but ...
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