Final PPeH Update for 2019

'Spot the Scam' Special

This month's Peaceful Pill eHandbook focuses on Online Nembutal Scams.

We tell you about about the increasingly sophisticated scammer tactics designed to lure you in:
  • Scam copies of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (yes you heard right!)
  • Scam Exit Peaceful Pill Forums sites (yes true again)
  • Scam Websites
  • Scam Emails
  • Scam Social Media
  • Scam couriers, insurance & more
What more can we say to warn unsuspecting readers of the ways of the Internet?

This month's re-write of our 'Scams Chapter' is not so much about websites to watch out for. It is to warn readers that ALL websites purporting to sell Nembutal are Scams.

There is no such thing as a genuine website selling Nembutal.

And there is only one genuine version of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

If readers come across a free PDF download for this book, this may not be the bargain you think. Scammers are now copying, changing and re-posting this book as part of an elaborate hoax to steal your money! The same goes for the Peaceful Pill forums!!

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