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NuTech 2020 Conference

NuTech is an international group of researchers, inventors & activists who are committed to exploring the possibilities of technology for a peaceful & reliable death.

NuTech Conferences showcase leading technological inventions (eg R2D Debreather) while encouraging discussion on emerging issues.

The theme of NuTech 2020 is the 'Dementia Dilemma'.

Keynote Speakers
  • Guillaume Coudray (FR) - the Nitrite Convertroversies
  • Marije de Haas (NL / SE) - The Plug Euthanasia Impant
  • Kinga Jelinska (NL/ PL) - Feminist Activist
  • Bert Keizer (NL) - Leading Geriatrician, public intellectual
  • Michael Laufer (US) - Biohacker / Anarchist
  • Lonny Shavelson (US) - MAiD Physician
Activist Speakers
  • Richard Avocet (US) - R2D Debreather
  • Ted Ballou (US) - Multi-gas generation
  • Neal Nicol (US) - Bio body disposal
  • Philip Nitschke (AU/ NL) - Sarco X
  • John Todd (AU) - CO gas
  • Hugh Wynne (UK) - Nitro foam frenzy


WHEN: Saturday 26 September 2020
TIME: 16.00 EST (Europe Summer Time - UTC+2)
WHERE: Online
COST: $30 PPeH Subscribers Exit/FEN/ CLW/ UL Members, $50 Public (free Member places - sold out)


NuTech 2020 Website
About NuTech

* Registrations close Thursday 24 September
* Recordings of the sessions will be available for all registrants post conference
* Use the Time Zone Calculator to determine the time at your particular location

New NuTech Conference Podcast

On this week's Doxit Podcast we take a 'sneak peak' behind the program of next week's conference (Saturday 26 September).

Not sure if NuTech will interest you?

Listen to the Sneak Peak Doxit Podcast for free now.

All Doxit Podcasts are available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple etc & on the Peaceful Pill Website.

The Doxit Podcasts are a regular series of discussion about the good death with the Exit Docs - Dox - Dox @ Exit - Doxit - Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart 🙄 😀

September 2020 Mega Update

  • Why Some Drugs Work & Others Don't - New Chapter on the Physiology of Death
  • US Lethal Drug Mixtures (a reliable cheap Nembutal alternative) - New Chapter
  • Nitrite Method & Sources - Update
  • Sarco X Developments & Plans
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