February 2021 PPeH Update - Coming Soon

In February 2021, the Peaceful Pill eHandbook will feature an update based on the ground-breaking work of Dr Lonny Shavelson and his colleagues in California.

This team of physicians is undertaking game-changing work in the area of orally-administered, lethal drug combinations as used under California's End of Life Option Act.

Innovations developed in the US, and detailed in the eHandbook, have direct relevance to global DIY elective death strategies.

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March 2021 Exit Snippet - 'The Gases'

The next Exit Snippet (mini, online workshop) will be held on Wednesday, 3 March @ 21.00 GMT.


March Topic: The Gases: inert or lethal, physiology, pros/cons, sources, dangers & legals

Exit Snippets
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  • Current PPeH Subscribers - $22.5o
  • Snippet Recordings
    • Snippet recordings will be made available in the coming days via the Yudu platform (watch this space)
  • Snippet Program
    • 3 February: The Salts - the growing use of sodium nitrite
    • 3 March: The Gases - inert or lethal for a peaceful DIY death
    • 7 April: Premedication & Potentiation - to ensure reliability
  • Time Zones
    • Amsterdam - 22.00 (Wed 3 March)
    • Los Angeles - 13.00 (Wed 3 March)
    • NYC - 16.00 (Wed 3 March)
    • Sydney - 8am (Thurs 4 March)
    • Wellington - 10am (Thurs 4 March)
* The usual provisos of > 50 years, sound mind & photo ID apply
* Registrations for the March snippet close Monday 1 March 2021
* Snippets include audience Q&A
Laura Sam Cathy

Laura's Choice

Australian Documentary Conference

The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC), is Australia’s premier event for documentary and factual content. Linked to the four-day industry conference is a large public access program that features the screening of this year's leading international documentary films.

Laura's Choice will screen @ 4.30pm on Sunday 28 February 2021 at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image ACMI at Federation Square, Melbourne.

Film makers, Cathy Henkel & her daughter Sam Lara, will take part in a directors' Q&A following the Melbourne premiere of Laura’s Choice. The film follows the three generations of women as plan for Laura's voluntary assisted death at Pegasos.

A major theme of the documentary is that fact that Laura Henkel was not sick. Rather, she saw death as her fundamental human right. Laura would never have qualified for the medicalised laws currently being introduced in Australia.

Laura's Choice - Teaser Film
Tickets @ the ACMI Website
Laura Henkel's 'manifesto' on life & death

* This is a Covid safe event with limited seating. Details

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It is 15 years since we first published the Peaceful Pill Handbook in 2006.

Since that time the print book has had annual rewrites and the online book has been updated increasingly frequently.

It is not unusual for the online eHandbook to now be updated several times per month, when new information comes to hand.

However, we have never directly asked for reader feedback until now.

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