Covid-19 Update Coming in April

Peaceful Pill eHandbook

In recent weeks, our collective reality has changed in ways we never imagined, and can never roll back.

The high death rate from COVID-19 among the elderly raises important questions that we all want answered:
  • What is a COVID-19 death like?
  • What is it like to be put on a ventilator?
  • If I get COVID, should I refuse medical treatment?
  • Are there any drugs that I should take to speed the progress of COVID should I decline medical treatment?
  • Does my advance directive cover COVID?
These questions and more will be answered in a new COVID-19 Chapter to be published in the forthcoming April 2020 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (inc all language editions).

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fish tank chloroquine

What's that about Chloroquine you Say?

As readers may have heard, Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Phosphate (both anti-malarial drugs) have both been widely reported as possible treatments for COVID. This stems from their anti-viral properties.

Although their efficacy in fighting COVID is far from certain (despite what Donald Trump says), the role of chloroquine phosphate a reliable end of life drug is beyond dispute.

Exit first included a Chapter about Chloroquine in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook back in 2015.

The Exit RPA test gives the drug an end of life rating of 72% with a 10/10 rating for availability.

Read more in this week's Blog by Philip Nitschke.

Live-streamed Exit Workshops

June, July & August 2020

Because we are all likely to be at home self-isolating for many months to come, Exit is taking our Workshops online.

Separate Workshops will be held across different time zones. The Workshops will be held on a Saturday afternoon in each time zone:
  • Australia - June
  • Nth America - July
  • Europe - August
Exit dates are currently being confirmed.

Registrations are now open.

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With f2f (face 2 face) Exit workshops postponed until further notice, Exit members are being offered a 50% discount on the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The new subscription price for Exit Members is US$42.50 (regular price $85) for 24 months.

The eHandbook is based on Exit Workshops. The eHandbook includes video footage.

Consider the eHandbook a virtual workshop that you can read and watch at home and in your own time.

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