NuTech 2020 Online Conference

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NuTech 2020 will be held on Saturday 26 September.

THEME - 'The Dementia Dilemma - How do you get help to die when you forget how to ask?'

FREE - Members of: Exit International, Final Exit Network, Ultime Liberté & Cooperatie Laatste Wil

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Keynote Speakers

  • Marije de Haas - Euthanasia Futurist (NL/SE)
  • Bert Keizer - Doctor-Philosopher & Dementia Commentator (NL)
  • Michael Laufer - Four Thieves Vinegar Biohack Collective (USA)
Other NuTech2020 Topics include:
Future developments with lethal inorganic salts, evolution of lethal drug mixtures, debreathers, wet & dry gas generation, new methods of body disposal, apps for death data collection, use of nitro foam, flat-pack Sarco, & lessons from the abortion movement; how not to reinvent the wheel ...

WHEN: Sat 26 September @ 16.00 Central Eu Summer Time (UTC +2 hours)
INFO: NuTech2020.com Website
INQUIRIES: nutech@protonmail.com
COST: US$50 Public, US$30 current PPeH Subscribers
FREE: Members of EI, FEN, CLW & UL (note- registration is essential for everyone)

NuTech 2020 Keynote Speaker

Marije de Haas - Euthanasia Futurist

Marije de Haas is a Dutch Euthanasia Futurist working in Sweden & the Netherlands.

Her 'design fiction' The Plug examines the use of an implantable switch which enables a person's life to be ended according to the wishes in their Advance Euthanasia Directive.

The Plug would only activate once their dementia has changed their mental state to such an extent that they are no longer the person they once were.

The Plug is the ultimate means of control over how to end one's life in the face of dementia.

Marije de Haas will be a keynote speaker at NuTech 2020.

Watch The Plug short film here
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NuTech 2020 Keynote Speaker

Bert Keizer - Dutch Doctor & Commentator

Bert Keizer is a leading Dutch geriatrician and media commentator in the Dutch public conversation on Euthanasia and Dementia.

As a medically-trained consultant, Keizer is intensely critical of recent Dutch court decisions which provide for doctors to instigate voluntary euthanasia to patients with advance dementia.

The Netherlands is one of only a handful of countries where a euthanasia request can be included in one's advance directives.

Keizer argues that while this might be a comfort to an elderly person - knowing that their life can be ended should their dementia become so bad that their life is no longer worth living - this is highly problematic because it puts the doctor in the invidious position of having to decide when and how the patient's wishes should be carried out.

This responsibility, argues Keizer, is too onerous a responsibility to be put on doctors.

Read Bert Keizer here

Bert will appear in conversation with Marije de Haas at NuTech 2020.

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NuTech 2020 Keynote Speaker

Michael Laufer - 4 Thieves Vinegar

Michael Laufer is a founder of the Four Thieves Vinegar Biohacking and Anarchist Collective.

Michael is also a recent recipient of the Pegleg implanted hard drive.

The Pegleg is a 'meshing file server' that is implanted under the skin.

The Pegleg will store files to share or keep, and which can be fetched from nearby wifi-enabled devices. Pegleg came about after the 2019 Grindfest biohacking meet in California.

The Pegleg measures 2.56" x 1.18" x 0.196".

Read More Here

Michael will be a keynote speaker at NuTech 2020.

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PPeH Update Multi-Drug Protocols

The September 2020 Peaceful Pill eHandbook update will be published 1 September & feature a thorough exploration of the multi-drug protocol DDMP1&2 / DDMA as used under Medical Aid in Dying laws in the USA.

Exit will also publish the latest on the Salts - specifically difficulty with old sources & include new online sources.

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