PPeH March 2020 Update

Topic 1 - the 3D Print Korean Collar

Everybody loves a good spy story. Nowhere is the story better than with South Korean spy 'Black Venus' aka Park Chae-seo.

In a 2018 interview, Black Venus stated that unlike North Korean spies, he was never issued with cyanide pills. Instead he knew how to kill himself by applying pressure to 'critical points in the body'.

The critical points he was referring to were the body's baroreceptors. This is what the new DIY 3D-printed Korean collar allows access to.

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PPeH March 2020 Update

Topic 2 - Nembutal in Lima

If you don't want to break the law by importing Nembutal over the net, there is always Lima where over-the-counter purchase for a cheap price remains an option.

If one takes one's Nembutal while still in Peru (perhaps overlooking the Pacific Ocean at sunset) then no laws are broken. It is only if one wishes to bring the bottles back to your home country that legal issues are raised.

This month's update shows the situation in Lima in 2020. And it is good news.

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