* Paris Workshop *

2.30-6pm @ Friday 3 April 2020

Exit will be holding its first Paris workshop on Friday 3 April 2020.

The workshop will be held in English with simultaneous French translation.

The Workshop is Free for:
Venue: JSP Maurice Ravel Paris 12e.

Inquiries: (Exit): +44 7883 509 765
Inquiries: (Ultime Liberte): +33 03 25 01 82 10
Email: contact@exitinternational.net or infos@ultimeliberte.fr
Details: https://exitinternational.net/meetings/workshops/

The 2020 London Workshop will be held Saturday 30 May.
The 2020 Dublin Workshop will be held Saturday 7 June.
Details on the Exit Website.

March Update - Peaceful Pill eHandbook

Exit will publish one of our more 'eccentric' book updates on 15 March.
  • Bit wierd? Yes
  • Bit wacky? Yes
  • True? Absolutely
The wonders of 3D-printing.
The update will be published 10 March 2020.

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    Twitter scams

    Exit has a new Twitter Handle


    We are sick of people writing in saying they have been scammed when trying to purchase Nembutal on the internet. And we really don't like the way scammers use Exit images, film and graphics to falsely claim an association with us.
    Exit now has a new Twitter handle devoted entirely to online Nembutal scams.
    Exit will be tweeting regularly about all manner of scam sites from fake forums to fake Youtube 'endorsements' in order to warn everyone about these criminal scams.
    Enough IS Enough!

    Follow now on Twitter at @nembutalscams

    Now On Amazon.com, uk, fr, de, it & more

    The Peaceful Pill Handbook 2019 edition is available at: Amazon.com

    All other editions remain exclusive to the Peaceful Pill Handbook website.

    2020 Peaceful Pill Handbook - $85 @ PPwebsite
    2019 Peaceful Pill Handbook - $65 @ Amazon
    2016 Peaceful Pill Handbook - $40 @ PPwebsite

    • No print books contain videos
    • No print books contain updates beyond their date of pubication
    • No print books provide online forum access
    • No print books provide Livestream access

    Sarco @ Cube

    Scenes from '(Re)design Death' Exhibition

    @ Cube Museum NL

    Spread over two exhibition rooms, '(Re)Design Death' reveals fifty current designs around preparation for death, farewell, mourning and eternal life. This year-long Exhibition is structured around the four themes of:

    Read more at CubeDesignMuseum.nl
    Scenes of Sarco's opening @ Cube Museum are at: Exit website
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