March 2021 Exit Snippet - 'The Gases'

The next Exit Snippet will be held this coming Wednesday 3 March 2021.


March Topic
The Gases: Inert / lethal, physiology, pros/cons, sources, dangers & legals (inc discussion of inert nitrogen, helium etc) All snippets inc Q&A.

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Courier Mail Reports
Swiss VAD Inquiries from Queenslanders 'Soar' Ahead of New Local Right to Die Law

Last week the Murdoch press in Australia ran an article about the hot interest by Queenslanders in Pegasos Swiss Association, before their own State tries to legislate for assisted dying later this year.

Fiona Stewart was quoted as spokesperson for Pegasos pleading for the long-anticipated Queensland law to consider following the de'medicalised Swiss model, instead of the MAiD (medical aid in dying model) adopted by Victoria and West Australia.

Within a few days, the Queensland Law Reform Commission responded stating that the Queensland law would be only for the terminally ill, and not those of advanced old age (people like David Goodall or Laura Henkel) who felt tired of life.

Fiona had made the point that a medicalised model would 'exclude far more deserving people than it will ever help' and that the Swiss system is 'fairer and more inclusive'.

It seems that as progressive as Queensland is trying to be, they have a long way to go.

Read the Courier Mail article

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Doxit Podcast USA Lethal Mixtures

February 2021 Doxit Podcast

USA Lethal Mixtures

In the February Doxit Podcast, Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart discuss the evolution and emergence of the USA Lethal Drug Mixtures.

These alternative multi-drug mixtures provide a reliable, peaceful death for a fraction of the price of Nembutal.

Doxit Podcasts are available free on the Peacefulpillhandbook.com website or wherever you get your Podcast feed (eg. Anchor, Spotify etc)
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