Interview with Professor Sean Davison

Doxit Podcast - 6 September 2020

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In 2011, Sean Davison pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his mother, Dr Patricia Ferguson, who was dying of cancer. Sean helped Patricia to die when her hunger strike failed. He served 5 months home detention in New Zealand for his compassion.

In 2020, Sean entered a plea bargain of guilty to the murders of three seriously ill/ disabled men in South Africa. He is currently serving 3 years house arrest in Cape Town.

Sean Davison is a remarkable advocate for a person's right to a peaceful and reliable death at a time of their choosing. He has had an extraordinarily bad run of luck when it comes to the law (and other authorities, eg. NZ Medical Board).

Listen to Sean in conversation with Fiona Stewart on this week's Doxit Podcast.

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