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USA Lethal Drug Mixtures

Since the scarcity of Nembutal - the best end of life drug - in the US due to both its prohibitive price and the refusal of EU drug manufacturers to sell the drug in that country (because of objections to its use in capital punishment), other alternatives have been developed by doctors working under US medicalised death with dignity laws.

In this week's Doxit Podcast, Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart, discuss the evolution and emergence of the USA Lethal Drug Mixtures.

These alternative multi-drug mixtures provide a reliable, peaceful death for a fraction of the price of Nembutal.

Their evolution over the years to the current 5-drug mix has led to the development of a very good Nembutal alternative.

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Canada Seeks to Loosen Restrictions on Qualification for Assisted Dying

As is occurring in other jurisdictions Canada, too, is now attempting to tweak the borders of its medical assistance in dying law to include people whose death is not imminent (eg. not about to drop dead or in legal parlance have more than 6 months to live) and to reconsider the blanket ban for people with mental illness.

Although the drafters of the Bill acknowledge that 'the body of evidence and research on current and potential future practice ... in relation to mental illness, is still developing.'

Proposals do include eliminating the mandated 10-day reflection period and reducing the number of witnesses needed for a MAID request from 2 to 1.

While these changes are not rocket-science, they do at least show a preparedness of the part of Canadian politicians to recognize when a law is too restrictive and to do something about it.

With new legislation possible in the Australian state of Queensland, let's hope the Parliament there is watching and learning before it repeats the mistakes of Victoria and West Australia.

* Interestingly, Hawaii is another jurisdiction where the safeguards are being loosened. Hawaii's changes to the Our Care Our Choice Act include: shortening the mandatory waiting periods, waiving the waiting period entirely for the terminally ill and empowering nurses to undertaken mental health reviews. Small but important steps to more user-friendly, end-of-life choices law.

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