NuTech 2020 Conference Recording

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The NuTech 2020 conference was held on Saturday 26 September 2020.

The theme of this year's conference was 'The Dementia Dilemma' & featured Marije de Haas' speculative film 'The Plug'.

The conference show-cased 10 speakers from 9 countries, on 4 continents across the world.

The recording is accessible free to everyone who registered for the conference.

Late-comers can purchase the recording US$75.

All proceeds raised will be held in trust for the funding of future NuTech conferences.

Topics included:
  • The Implantable ‘Plug’ – Marije de Haas, Futurist NL
  • Euthanasia & Dementia in the Netherlands - Bert Keizer, Doctor NL
  • The Pegleg Implant - Michael Laufer, Biohacker USA
  • The D-DMA Protocol - Lonny Shavelson, Doctor USA
  • Nitro ‘Foam Frenzy’ - Hugh Wynne, Engineer UK
  • Lessons from Self-Help Abortion - Kinga Jelinska, Feminist Activist NL
  • The Nitrite Conspiracies - Guillaume Coudray, Author FR
  • New Strategies for Bio-Body Disposal - Neal Nicol, Expert USA
  • Monoxide Magic – Ted Ballou, Engineer USA
  • MAiD vs DIY - Chris Docker, Author UK
  • A Common Gases Generator – John Todd, Inventor AU
  • Sarco X & Flat-packing - Philip Nitschke, Inventor AU/ NL
  • Tom Curran IRE & Fiona Stewart NL - Chairs
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Exit Online Workshop this Week

Registrations Close < 48 Hours

  • Physiology of a Good Death: Why Some Drugs Work & Others Fail
  • Drug Potentiation: Ensuring your death is reliable and peaceful
  • Happy Hypoxia Explained
  • Specific Topics: Drugs, Salts, Mixtures, Opiates & Gases
  • COVID-19 – Implications for the good death (inc advance directives)
  • Related Topics: scams, sources & legals, storage, testing, administration & more

WHEN: Wednesday 14 October 2020 (or 6pm Tues 13th CST USA)
TIME: 11.00 (AEST - Australian East Coast Summer Time)
WHERE: From the comfort of your home
COST: Free for Exit Members; AUD$50 PPeH subscribers, $100 public
REGISTRATION: Essential for everyone (or we can't send you the link)



* Participants will not appear on video. Only Philip Nitschke will be able to be seen.
* Participants will be able to ask questions via the Q&A box during the workshop.
* Photo ID may be required.
* Workshops are limited to those over 50 years & of sound mind.

More information about Exit Workshops

Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

October 2020 - Now Available

  • Salts Potentiation (making more potent)
  • Using the Dark Web to obtain Nembutal
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Next Doxit Podcast - Sunday 18 October 2020

'A Letter from Ireland'

In this week's Doxit Podcast, Exit Director Tom Curran, will explain the current push for voluntary euthanasia - assisted dying legislation in Ireland.

The Long Read The Journal.ie 'From social ‘evil’ to Supreme Court Scrutiny: the long journey to Ireland’s landmark assisted dying vote' (published 11 October 2020).

All Doxit Podcasts are available for free listening at the Peacefulpill.com Website or wherever you get your Podcast Feed (eg. Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts etc)
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