Sarco X film still

Introducing Sarco X

A New Short Film

In August 2020, Sarco X was finally completed at the MAAK 3D print studio in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Sarco X is now awaiting final workshop testing (delayed because of the Netherland's current 4-week national Covid lockdown) before being taken to Switzerland where it will be first used.

Italian documentary maker, Francesco Mattuzzi has created an intriguing short film ahead of a feature documentary on the Sarco X.

The film shows Philip Nitschke's initial real-time reaction when he first saw the new Sarco X, the moving parts of the new capsule, the concept behind its creation and its game-changing potential to remove medicine and medical professionals from the very personal, individual question of how we can/ will/ should end our lives at a time and place of our choosing.

As Palliative Care doctor, Lucy Thomas, writes in this month's British Medical Journal (BMJ):

"The medical profession is certainly not necessary to achieve the right to die: detailed technical guidance on how to end life is available over the internet, as is access to the drugs to do so."

Watch Sarco X Now on Vimeo

Read More on Sarco X at Sarco.design
Tom Curran Podcast

Letter from Ireland with Tom Curran

New Doxit Podcast

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Exit first met Tom Curran in 2008 when he attended Exit's first Irish workshop which was held at the Seomra Spraoi anarchist collective in Dublin (because no other booked venue would host the public meeting and workshop): such was the controversy surrounding assisted suicide/ assisted dying in Ireland.

Fast forward a decade, and Tom has become the legitimate face of the Irish right to die movement.

A director of Exit International, Tom's commitment stems from the experience of his late partner, Marie Flemming who suffered for many years from MS.

Before her death in 2013, Marie took a landmark legal case to Ireland's High Court and then to the Supreme Court on appeal. Marie argued she was discriminated against because she could not suicide because of her increasing paralysis brought about by the MS.

In recent weeks, the Irish Parliament has voted to progress a Dying with Dignity Bill to the committee stage.

Listen to Tom's journey over the past decade and his instrumental role in advocating for a law for people with a 'life-limiting' condition.

Buy Marie Flemming's beautifully-written book An Act of Love from Amazon.co.uk

Read today's (18 Oct) interview with Tom - 'That's the man who killed his wife ...' - in The Irish Independent

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Doxit Podcast Homepage
Coffee & Chat with Philip Nitschke

Bookings Now Open

Exit Members globally are invited to an informal, online gathering with Philip Nitschke on Sunday 6 December @ 16.00 Australian East Coast Summer Time.

There is a limit of 100 for this free event that is exclusively for Exit Members.

Bookings are essential. Bookings are now open.

Please note an Afternoon Tea with Philip for UK/ EU Exit members will be scheduled. Watch next week's Exit Internationalist newsletter for details.

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NuTech 2020 Recording - Now Available

Don't forget, the recording of September's NuTech (new technologies in end of life choices) conference is now available free to all those who registered ahead of time.

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If you did not register, you can purchase (US$75) the recording HERE

All proceeds from the sale of the recording go to the funding of future NuTech events.

NuTech 2020 Website
Exit Snippets Web

Exit Snippets - Mini Monthly Online Workshops

Coming in 2021

Commencing January 2021, Exit will be hosting monthly, mini, DIY workshops. These new-format workshops will be called 'Exit Snippets'.

Each workshop shall focus on a single topic (from The Peaceful Pill eHandbook).

The topics shall be advertised each month to allow for the Snippets to be reactive to news on various issues as it comes to hand and is published as updates in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook (all languages).

Exit Snippets will be free for Members of Exit International.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook subscribers will be able to attend at a discount rate.

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Peaceful Pill eHandbook

The Importance of Lethal Drug Potentiation

How do you endure your stockpile of lethal drugs will work - when that time comes?
The issue of drug/ substance potentiation has emerged as an issue of utmost importance.

This is because potentiation is relevant to many of the methods discussed in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook, not only the lethal salts.

Potentiation is especially important if one has drugs that one has stockpiled over the years and the drugs are well past their use-by date.

Likewise if one has obtained drugs on the Internet from uncertain sources.

The December update to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook will feature a new Chapter on Potentiation, as it applies to all relevant topics discussed in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

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